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Deya packaging pursuit of environmental and healthy, firm and safe, elegance and personalized packaging, fulfill customers intelligent series products requirements. We are becoming a leader in high-end packaging area.

Changsha Deya Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

Welcome to wholesale low price, customized and quality cold drink cups from Deya Packaging, which is one of the best cold drink cups, hot drink cups, container and food boxes, paper bags, packing belt manufacturers in China.

Deya packing all current food packaging products have been verified by the national QS certification. We have advanced production equipment, strong technical force, rich production experience, reliable product quality and cooperated with many domestic and foreign well-known food factories, bakery chain, the coffee chains. We provide designing finished products and good after-sales services to the customers, welcome customized products and services. Deya packing also have PP packing belt and PET packing straps with the professional production line, for industrial customers provide such as cartons, cotton, precast slabs packing belt.

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